Vinyl Fence Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is one of the most purchased fence materials for residential homeowners. They offer a ruggedness and longevity that metal and wood fencing simply can’t provide to a yard. Plus, vinyl fencing is resistant to most environmental conditions like rust and mold.

It’s not a surprise that, especially in Minnesota where all four seasons come full force, vinyl is the top choice. Vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance or repair, and in our climate, choosing this material for your fence is a great investment for your property in the long run. .

The maintenance routine for vinyl fences oftentimes doesn’t require anything special. Vinyl fences don’t need to be sanded or painted regularly like other fences. However, there are still a few optional processes that we recommend all fence owners do to help your fence stand strong for years.

To get the best tips and tricks on vinyl fence maintenance and enhance the lifespan of your fence, read below and see the few simple steps we recommend!

How Often Should Vinyl Fence Be Cleaned?

Vinyl fences should be cleaned about once a year for optimal maintenance. During season peaks, with lots of snow or pollen, cleaning may be necessary more often. Especially during the winter, it is important to brush off the accumulated snow from the top of the fence to prevent structural damage.

Are There Cleaning Solutions That Might Damage Vinyl Fence?

Some cleaning solutions can damage your vinyl fence if they are too strong or react badly with the plastic in the vinyl. For example, bleach can dry out the material and the vinyl may start to degrade. Not to mention bleach is well known to destroy surrounding plants and patios as well.

Melamine, scouring pads, or other abrasive cleaning solutions will damage the surface of the vinyl, too. It can scratch the glossy surface and dull the sheen. In reality, cleaning a vinyl fence doesn’t require anything complicated. Most processes and tutorials simply need water and other commonly found household substances.

Light Cleaning of Vinyl Fences

Water is the only thing you need to clean a vinyl fence. It can get rid of any dirt or dust that’s laying on the surface. A garden hose works just fine for a light cleaning. For a more thorough clean, a bucket of warm and soapy water does the trick.

Dealing With Mildew on Vinyl Fence

The most common issue found on vinyl fences is mildew and algae, even though it is way less common compared to wood fences. You will see these as patches of green, yellow, or black on your vinyl fence. Especially if you live in a moist or wet environment be sure to check regularly for these patches along your fence.

To deal with mildew and algae you need to clean the fence in a way that kills the sources of the bacteria. If you don’t do a deep clean the mildew will simply grow back, so to kill the source a stronger cleaning solution or white vinegar will work.

The cleaning solution for mildew that can be made from home substances is one gallon of water for every cup of vinegar and half-cup of dish detergent mixed. After creating the solution, use something with a lot of surface area like a sponge to scrub off the mildew. Make sure that if you are using a strong cleaning solution wear protective gear like gloves and goggles.

The absolute best way to deal with mildew on a vinyl fence is through strategies that will prevent its growth in the first place. Some of these strategies might include keeping grass trimmings off your fence and routinely drying it after heavy rains or other wet season conditions.

Inspecting Vinyl Fence for Damage

We recommend fence owners regularly inspect their fence at least once a year for signs of damage or mildew. The best way to prevent long-term damage is to address it as soon as possible. During bad or inclement weather or the wet season, it may be best to increase the number of inspections since there are times when damage may be more likely.

Inspecting your fence doesn’t have to be a hard routine. All it takes is walking around the fence and keeping an eye out for places that may need cleaning or repair. Make sure to also check that the post caps are firmly attached, sometimes tree branches or baseballs can knock these loose.

Vinyl Fence and Heat Sources

Vinyl fencing is not built to withstand direct heat. Direct and intense heat can warp the fence and cause irreparable damage. Even though the winter in Minnesota can be cold, keep those space heaters away from your fence to prevent any damage.

Painting a Vinyl Fence

Never paint your vinyl fence. Vinyl does not need to be painted and is not built to hold paint. If you choose to paint your fence you risk harming the surface and destroying the aesthetic look of vinyl. If you want to change the color of your vinyl fence it will need to be replaced with new materials.

Repair a Cracked Vinyl Fence

To repair a cracked vinyl you will need to find the following tools:

  1. Expandable foam in a spray can
  2. Plastic filler
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Soft rag
  5. Soapy water
  6. Putty knife
  7. Fine-toothed saw
  8. Vinyl spray paint in the color of your fence

First, clean the area around the crack and let it completely dry. Make sure to sand the area as well to get rid of the sharp edges that may have been created by the cracking. For larger holes or cracks, fill them with expandable foam. Go at a slow pace letting the foam expand. Make sure it goes outside the hole and then let it dry overnight.

Then, cut off the excess foam and apply plastic filler to the level surface. Sand off any excess foam or filler. Then for colored fences apply a coat of Epoxy paint and finish the repair!

This can be a detailed and tedious task, one that not too many homeowners have the time for. We recommend hiring a professional to do your vinyl maintenance and repairs for you.

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Having Us Do Maintenance and/or Repair Your Vinyl Fence

Northland Fence of Ramsey is a full-service fencing company. We do everything from quotes to installations to maintenance and repairs on vinyl fencing. Our mission is to service the state of Minnesota and have 100% customer satisfaction. We have consistently ranked the #1 fencing company in the state and have hundreds of 5-star reviews on user sites such as Google, Yelp, and Angi.

Our maintenance and repair process works around your schedule. We come to do the work at a time that is convenient for you. Our installation teams are completely in-house without external contractors. They are trained by our fence industry experts and know to uphold our Northland Fence values, treating each customer like family.

Don’t worry about finding the best time to repair your fence, or possibly incurring long-term damage by accidental neglect. When you let us do the upkeep and repairs, your fence will stand tall for years.

FAQs About Vinyl Fence Maintenance

How long do vinyl fences last?

Vinyl fences can last over 30 years with proper maintenance and repairs. This is far longer than any type of wood fence.

How do you weatherproof a vinyl fence?

Vinyl fences are naturally weatherproof. They are made of plastic rather than natural materials and don’t succumb to weather conditions like wood or rust like metal.

Does climbing vinyl fences damage it?

Climbing on a vinyl fence does have the possibility of incurring damage and compromising structural integrity.

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