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Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is on the rise in residential sectors thanks to its protective nature and tough durability. With its simple and quick installation, chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fences for homeowners and commercial projects alike.

We named chain link fencing as one of our top three choices for customers because we know it to be a high-quality fence that will satisfy everyone. The other two options we offer our customers are vinyl and wrought iron, and while both of those have their advantages, chain link fencing beats them out for strength, durability, and price point.

Provides Security

The main reason chain link fencing is chosen by homeowners is for the heightened security it provides your yard. We especially recommend this fence for families with young children or pets. With a chain link fence, you can let them out in the yard to play and develop curiosity without the worry they will escape with no supervision.

Chain link fences are recommended for those who have security as their number one priority. They don’t offer much aesthetic appeal, but they are affordable and can keep small animals out while keeping kids in. Chain link fences are seen as a great middle ground between ornamental steel fences and vinyl fences.

Incredibly Affordable

Out of all the fence options we offer at Northland Fence, chain link has the most affordable price point. This is for a few different reasons.

It doesn’t require a lot of material to make a chain link fence. The wires are thick and crisscrossed over each other in the mesh to create strength and durability without the need for lots of extra material. This also means chain link fences are easy to mass-produce for little production costs.

Lower production costs make it easier for manufacturers to sell chain link fences at a lower price. When you combine this with our fencing industry expertise, we find the best bulk prices for chain link fences and then transfer all those savings to the prices we offer our customers. This means we can get you chain link fencing at a cost far lower than you think and claim some of the best prices in Minnesota.

Quick And Simple To Install

Many people forget about the installation time when calculating their budget for a fence. However, this is often the highest part of the fencing project price. We need to charge for our labor, meaning a fence that is quick and easy to install will help drive that charge down on the invoice.

Chain link fences have the quickest installation time of all the fences we offer at Northland Fence of Ramsey. This means that we have to spend less time in your backyard, disrupting your family’s schedules and business. The simple installation process also means that we can work quickly without compromising quality, leaving you with a stable and amazing fence without staying in your yard for too long.

The ability for chain link fences to be installed quickly also has advantages down the road. Should you find that part of your fence needs to be replaced, it will be a simple and quick process then as well. Usually, it will only take a few minutes to replace the sections that need it, and occasionally you can even do it yourself.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other traditional fencing options, chain link fence reigns supreme for the least amount of maintenance needed. Chain link is already weather-resistant, unlike wood, so the weather won’t induce rotting, peeling, or molding. This is especially important in the wet Minnesota climate where rain and melting snow are consistently keeping moisture around us.

Our chain link fences are specifically designed to not need all-year-round maintenance.  So despite steel being a natural material, a chain link fence from us will act manmade and be able to withstand the environment without much interference.

The biggest benefit of the low-maintenance chain link fences require is that in freezing temperatures, like Minnesota winters, you don’t have to go brush snow off the top. The holes in the chain link fence allow snow to fall right through, unlike other fencing options.

In reality, the only maintenance a chain link fence regularly needs is reapplying the protective coating when you notice it’s gone or there is lots of rust. Other than that, you can almost forget about it and your chain link fence will still stay strong.

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Lasts For Years

Chain link fences are proven to last for years. This will be the last fence you ever need to purchase. They are durable, sturdy, and resistant to damage and weather conditions. Chain link fences don’t degrade or weaken with age like other natural materials.

This is especially great news for your wallet. You won’t need to reinvest in a new fence for years. Plus, chain link fences need very few repairs or maintenance costs as well. They naturally have high longevity meaning you can have peace of mind for years.

FAQs About Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Why choose a professional installer?

There are several reasons why we encourage you to choose a professional fence installer rather than trying to do the project yourself. Professional fence installers know how to do the project quickly and effectively, meaning the fence is done right the first time. This will give you peace of mind about your protection, and save you time and money on correcting mistakes that you may make when installing.

How do you choose the type of chain link fence?

You should choose the type of chain link fence that’s right for you by measuring the gauge and the size of the mesh. The bigger gauge means more metal is used in the fence making it stronger. You will also want to decide on the coating of the wire. We highly recommend galvanized steel because it prevents rust which is especially salient in Minnesota weather. If you have any questions, it’s always best to refer to a professional.

What are the key benefits of a chain link fence?

While there are plenty of benefits that a chain link fence offers, there are some that are more popular than others. These include its strength, security, protection, affordability, durability, quick installation time, and low maintenance costs. All of these are reasons why chain link fencing has begun to rise in popularity within the residential industry and has always been a go-to for commercial sites.

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