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Looking to have a steel ornamental fence installed? Northland Fence sells and installs ornamental steel in a variety of designs. 

  • 3 rail ornamental fences come in 4' and 5' heights
  • Fences come with a flat top or spear top style
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Ornamental steel fencing is one of the most requested fencing types in residential areas. Its centuries of stability have proven great for all needs and purposes. It has some customization options to make it one-of-a-kind and meet the aesthetic demands you have for your yard.

Northland Fence has a wide variety of options when it comes to finding the perfect ornamental steel fence for your yard. Our products are always guaranteed professional quality and low maintenance. Our hundreds of 5-star google reviews continue to uphold our value of customer satisfaction and status as one of the best-reviewed fencing companies in Minnesota.

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What is Ornamental Steel Fencing?

Ornamental steel fencing is, as the name suggests, usually made from steel or sometimes wrought iron. It is well known for its strength and durability. Ornamental steel is commonly associated with aesthetic fencing and not necessarily for its structural privacy or protective functions.

Northland Fence is proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction, so we only give our customers the best materials in the business. We don’t sell or use cheap aluminum products for our ornamental fencing because it is not durable and won’t leave our customers with the best fences possible.

The most common image of ornamental fencing are the post toppings. This is one of the only fencing types that do not simply have a flat top, lending more to its protective abilities. The top of the posts in an ornamental fence can be speared or flat-topped. It is an edge of customization and aesthetics that you can add to your fence.

spear top fencing by Northland Fence

Variations in Ornamental Steel Fencing

While there is a commonly held belief that ornamental steel fencing only comes in black wrought iron, this is actually not the case. Ornamental steel fencing comes in many styles, colors, and sizes.


The first part of an ornamental fencing style is its material. Some ornamental fencing is made from aluminum and others from steel. The Northland ornamental fencing is made from wrought iron, one of the toughest materials for a fence to be constructed from.

The second part of the style of an ornamental fence is the post toppers. Unlike other fencing options, ornamental steel fencing does not have to be flat on the top. We also offer spear tops for our customers to add something unique to their fences. This is one of the most appealing parts of ornamental steel fencing because the topping of a fence can make or break a site’s aesthetic.


Just like any other fencing material, ornamental steel fencing does not come in just black. While this is the most common color to see ornamental fencing in, this is mostly for aesthetics. Black goes with everything!

Wrought iron can come in other colors thanks to modern powder-coating technology that fuses the color to the metal. While traditionally wrought iron is black, it can also come in a range of natural colors such as green, brown, taupe, gold, white, bronze, and silver.

However, it is also important to know that many people choose to steer clear of lighter colors because of rust. Since the metal itself is not the color that you choose, rust can shine through the lighter colors and disrupt the pleasing aesthetic that people choose ornamental steel fencing for. This is why Northland Fence only sources black wrought iron fencing. It is the most popular and the most time-tested color.


The only thing shortening a fence’s vertical height is your imagination. Many companies have different standards for the size of their fences, but on average for protecting pets fences should be at least 4’ tall and for kids a little higher.

In terms of width, ornamental steel fencing is made in panels. So rather than needing to attach each pole to the top and bottom rails, installation only requires attaching the panels to the posts. This makes installation a lot easier and can also mean your fence can be longer than other options. Panel width generally is proportional to the height of your fence.

Northland Fence only has 4’ or 5’ ornamental fences available. They are great for families wanting to keep toddlers in the yard and add to a better aesthetic than an enormous metal fence. Plus our fences have shorter panels and will be easier to install, saving you some money on labor costs.

Ideal Circumstances for Wrought Iron Fencing

Of course, not all fencing is made for every application. While there are pros and cons to an ornamental fence in general, there are some yard applications that make ornamental steel fencing the ideal choice compared to other material options.

Cost is always a factor in this. Ornamental fencing is very middle-of-the-road in terms of pricing and therefore is great for even large-scale projects that require a lot of material. Ornamental fencing also has immense longevity, so for any project that wants to be standing for some time to come, ornamental steel fencing is the way to go.

Sloped Land

Ornamental fencing is the ideal choice for uneven or sloped land compared to other fencing options. Because of the way these fences are made and assembled, they can have a pivot feature that lets them be installed on a bias. This is great for helping to match with difficult ground angles.

Aesthetic Needs

The main reason customers choose ornamental steel fencing is for their aesthetic needs. The aesthetic conditions are ideal for ornamental fencing because it is easy to do in large-scale projects. Its simplicity is partnered with the flair of the post toppers to create an artistic vibe to any site.

Ornamental fencing is not a great fence for conditions other than aesthetic needs. Its protective and privacy aspects are outshined by other options. Ornamental fences also pose a risk for pets or kids to escape.

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Wrought Iron Fencing From Northland

Northland Fence offers professional-grade ornamental steel fencing to all our customers. Our knowledge of the fencing industry and providers make it easy for us to find the best bulk deals and transfer this into affordable prices for our customers. Our fencing is made from wrought iron and guaranteed to be the last fence you need to purchase. Along with the galvanization process that our metal undergoes, our ornamental fence products are powder-coated to prevent rusting and rot in inclement Minnesota weather. Our two types of ornamental fencing: flat top and spear top each have their own benefits and we encourage you to understand their differences and similarities. We are always available to help answer any questions you may have about ornamental fencing. If you are ready to find the perfect ornamental fence for your yard, call 763-325-8211 today to schedule your consultation.


How much does it cost to install an Ornamental Steel Fence?

The installation cost of any fence will depend on your yard and what you are asking for. Ornamental steel fencing is one of the middle priced options being less expensive than vinyl but more expensive than wood. Fence pricing is by the foot so contact us for a free estimate!

Do Ornamental Steel Fences offer any privacy?

The common Ornamental Steel Fences do not offer any privacy. They are more open fencing with space in between both the posts and the rods on the panels. It will not necessarily keep kids or pets from getting out of the yard if they can squeeze between the rods. However, metal privacy fences often use wrought iron or ornamental steel fencing and those offer complete privacy and protection from the outside world.

What is the average lifespan of an Ornamental Steel Fence?

Ornamental steel fences often last over 20 years. There are many historical sites you can visit that are still guarded by the original ornamental steel fencing. If you are looking for the last fence you’ll ever need, ornamental steel is the way to go.

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