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Fence installation is not something that is highly recommended in the DIY sphere. Especially for more complicated fencing projects such as ornamental steel fence installation, we encourage a professional fencing contractor to do this work for you.

Ornamental steel fencing has so many intricate parts to its installation process. There are panels, rails, posts, and toppers that all need to be put together correctly for the fence to stand straight and look great for years to come. All of these attach with small screws and other attachments. It can be a bit of a messy process for DIY.

Why Choose An Ornamental Steel Fence for Installation?

There are lots of benefits to choosing an ornamental steel fence for installation rather than other material options. They offer more protection and last the longest out of all the fencing materials. Along with this, ornamental steel fencing is the most popular choice for aesthetic reasons.


Ornamental steel fencing is somewhat eco-friendly compared to wood or aluminum fencing. The process of mining ore from the environment is damaging to the environment with the depletion of natural resources and the production of greenhouse gasses. However, since ornamental steel fencing is made from wrought iron it is recyclable!

Much of the metal used today comes from recycled material. Metal is meltable and therefore able to be reused and reformed into any shape that is needed. So when the iron is no longer needed for a certain project or a certain fence, many people donate it to metal smiths to be reused in other projects such as your new fence.

This not only reduces the need for excessive mining in dangerous environments but also lowers the amount of energy needed to process the raw material into a product. In the metal industry, it is estimated about 84% of the metal made is from recycled materials.

Style Versatility

The most popular reason clients choose to install an ornamental steel fence is because of the many style options available. A simple black ornamental steel fence is perfect for a simple functional application. However, for those looking to add a little flair to their fences, different toppers and colors are available.

Northland Fence offers both flat and spear tops on our ornamental steel fencing. This is a level of customizability that you won’t find with any of the other materials upon installation. However, this is also yet another reason to hire an installation contractor instead of a DIY installation. The toppers add another layer of complexity to installing the fence and ensuring it meets your aesthetic standards.

Aesthetic Compatibility

Speaking of aesthetic standards, ornamental steel fences can be installed almost anywhere and be compatible with the existing aesthetic. This is another high-ranking reason that clients choose ornamental steel fencing to install.

Ornamental steel fencing is relatively simple with black pickets and fence posts. However, for the added flair you simply must add the toppers. It is said that black goes with everything, and sometimes simple is the way to go. Too much flair and decoration on a fence could clash with your yard or cause complications in its functionality.

Longevity and Low Maintenance

The last reason so many people choose to install an ornamental steel fence is because of its longevity with low maintenance. These aspects go hand-in-hand because while a fence may have longevity if it is high maintenance we simply don’t have time for that. But if a fence is low maintenance but doesn’t last that long, you end up dumping too much money into your need for protection and privacy.

Ornamental steel fences last centuries. They have one of the highest longevity of all the fencing materials available on the market today and have proven through their guidance of historical sites and cemeteries that they stand for eons and will be the last fence that you will need to choose.

Benefits Of Installing An Ornamental Steel Fence

There are many benefits to installing an ornamental fence in your yard. It not only will enhance your security and protection but can also raise your home’s value and curb appeal. The main reason that many people install an ornamental fence is because of its longevity and durability. This will be the last fence you will ever need to install.

Increased Property Value and Curb Appeal

While many fences can help to increase your property value and curb appeal, ornamental steel fencing is the most well-known material for this benefit. Ornamental steel fencing is known to be luxurious and elegant with its simplicity and topping decorations.

This notion of ornamental steel fencing is not new. For centuries decorative fences were used specifically for their aesthetic appeal and attractiveness, today that aesthetic has turned into a classic and timeless look.

This means an ornamental fence will not become outdated in style so while you may not be selling the house now, it will still be beneficial when you do. An increased curb appeal means an increased value, ornamental steel fences can raise your property value.

Strength & Security

Ornamental steel fencing is a type of strong metal that will not break or easily be cut by intruders. This is one of the most secure types of fencing on the market, so no one will get into your yard and no curious kids or pets will be able to get out.


And finally, ornamental steel fencing is one of the most durable fencing materials in the industry. Their durability makes them a great choice to install in Minnesota because they can stand up to the harsh winters and other climates that we experience. These fences have been used throughout history to protect historic and important sites, and you can still visit these fences today.

These sites prove that there is very little maintenance needed to maintain these fences and their longevity meaning installing this fence will most likely be the last time you need this service. So you should hire a professional contractor to make sure that it is done right and can give you all these benefits that we have listed.

Having A Professional Contractor Install A Wrought Iron Fence

We highly encourage you to hire a professional contractor to install your ornamental steel fence. While they may seem simple in style, they are not simple in installation. There are a lot of small parts you need to keep track of and different tools you need to have to successfully complete this job.

Choosing Northland Fence of Ramsey to Install An Ornamental Steel Fence

As fencing experts, you can trust us to know how to efficiently install an ornamental steel fence. With hundreds of 5-star Google reviews, we ensure customer satisfaction in every installation project. Our innovative installation methods will give you peace of mind that your fence will continue to stand stable for years. The Northland Difference treats every customer like family.

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We are experts in the industry and know our way around installing an ornamental steel fence. Our employees are all in-house and go through a proprietary training and quality assurance program with our team.

We treat every client like family, and thus we will never leave you unsatisfied. We get the project done right efficiently and effectively the first time. Our installation will give you peace of mind in that your fence will stand the test of time and protect you and your family.

On top of all that, our warranties on both metal and installation ensure that you can continue to rely on your fence and us to make sure that you are happy and content with the installation project for years to come. Trust the pros and contact Northland Fence today for the installation of your new ornamental steel fence.

FAQs About Ornamental Steel Fence Installation

Do Ornamental Steel Fences offer any privacy?

Ornamental steel fencing provides physical protection. While there are metal privacy fences, Northland Fence does not offer these in the ornamental steel fencing material. Instead, we offer the physical protection of a picket-style ornamental steel fence.

What is the average lifespan of an Ornamental Steel Fence?

Ornamental steel fences are one of the longest-lasting fences. Ornamental steel fencing can be seen often around cemeteries or other historical sites that have a surrounding ornamental fence. This is surely the last fence you will ever need to buy.

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