Ornamental Steel Fence Maintenance

Ornamental steel fences are known for their sleek elegance and secure nature. Their thick metal posts and rails make it hard for anyone to squeeze through or cut the fence down. However, ornamental steel fences can only do their job if given the proper maintenance.

Maintenance for an ornamental steel fence is a bit cumbersome. But to save you time and energy, there are lots of fence upgrades and finishes that can help make maintenance easier.

Repair Rusted Ornamental Steel Fence

Rust is the most common issue that homeowners find on their metal fences. If it is not removed immediately, the rust can eat through the metal and cause extensive damage. A rusty fence will not be able to protect your yard.

Wet climates encourage rust growth, meaning in Minnesota it is super important to regularly check for any signs of rust during the winter and spring seasons. Both accumulated and melted snow, along with rain, are prime catalysts for rust growth.

Luckily, rust removal is a fairly easy process that you can do yourself! Check out the steps we’ve outlined below for removing rust from an ornamental steel fence. The only things you’ll need are common items found in and around the house, no professional is required.

Steps to Repair Rust on Ornamental Steel Fence

There are 3 easy steps to repairing a rust spot on your ornamental steel fence. They may differ slightly depending on how aggressively the rust has attached to the metal, but with some elbow grease or slightly stronger cleaning solutions, it should work.

First, clean the area around the rust with a wire brush. You will want to remove any dirt, debris, peeling paint, or surface rust. This way you don’t risk harming yourself or getting these retrapped in the protective paint and causing more damage.

Next, using sandpaper, continue to remove the rust from the surface. Start with a coarser-grit paper for reducing deep rust before moving to a medium-grit for more removal of surface rust.

Now you need to mix your cleaning solution. For this part, you have a few options. Rust removers are highly accessible on the market currently. However, if you are looking for an at-home rust remover we recommend either naval jelly or another phosphoric acid mixture like vinegar.

Apply these substances to the rust and wait 10-20 minutes for jelly or 30-45 minutes for vinegar. Then the rust should wipe away easily with a rag or paper towel.

The extra step for ornamental fences is repainting the repaired spot. You can buy wrought iron primer and paint at any local hardware store and follow the directions on the can for how to correctly apply them and avoid rust in the future.

Applying Rust Protection to Ornamental Steel Fence

The best protection you can give your fence from rust is proper treatment and rust protection. Rust protection is a spray that you can find at almost any local hardware store. We recommend that you spray your fence at least once a year with rust protection and try to do it slightly before the wet seasons. Don’t forget to spray the bottom of the fence since that’s where the most moisture will gather from grass, dirt, puddles, and melting snow.

Preventative Strategies

The best way to protect your ornamental steel fence is through preventative strategies. Not letting the rust get to the fence in the first place is a foolproof maintenance method. Some of the preventative methods that are successful include wax and water-resistant or rust-resistant paint. The less moisture on your fence the better chance it has of not rusting.

Ornamental Steel Fence Finishes

We finish our ornamental steel fences with galvanized steel, this is what gives our fences an advantage over our competitors. Galvanized steel is metal that has been finished and sealed with a special zinc-based coating. It is specifically designed to stop the formation of rust, and slow down the corrosion process should rust form.

Most ornamental fences are made from aluminum which is not sturdy and likely not galvanized. If you are looking for a fence that requires less maintenance or worry of corrosion, galvanized steel is the way to go.

Northland Fence of Ramsey makes the supplies for ornamental fencing affordable, even with the specialized finish. This is because we are the 3rd highest buyer of fencing supplies in the state and can find the best prices for bulk materials. These savings are then transferred to our customers making the fence of their dreams affordable and achievable.

Ornamental Steel Fence Upgrades

One of the key reasons customers tend to overlook ornamental steel fences is because of the amount of time it can take to install, and the tediousness with which repairs and maintenance are required. However, there are many options for upgrades and protections that can decrease the time and detailed necessity of maintenance and installation. Check out a few of the options below!

Ornamental Steel Fence Panels

The biggest upgrade we recommend to clients is investing in ornamental steel panels or fabric. With these upgrades, installation and maintenance becomes more efficient and effective. Instead of needing to handle every rod that gives ornamental fencing its ideal look, panels and fabric come with the rods all put together. The only step needed is to attach it to the fence posts.

Panels and rods are great for those looking to do the installation themselves or who want to cut down on the number of hours a fencing contractor bills for their manual labor. They are also great for maintenance because instead of needing to deal with the small parts that connect each rod, you can simply take out the panel and install a new one.

Finally, panels and fabrics are a definite upgrade because they allow for easier installation of gates and other add-ons. An ornamental gate is essentially a panel on hinges, so instead of trying to configure the two types of fence materials together, simply have the whole fence be panels and it will all be easier.

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Fence Post Upgrade

Ornamental fencing is one of the most customizable types of fencing available on the market. This means it isn’t hard to give it a little aesthetic boost for a cheap price. At Northland Fence of Ramsey, we offer our customers two types of fence posts, one gives simple elegance and the other a little aesthetic upgrade.

For the traditionalist, we recommend the flat top fence posts for their ornamental fences. These fence posts are simple, provide protection, and are safe for curious kids or pets who try to climb the fence. They are stable and durable and do everything you need a fence to do for years.

For people looking for a little spunk in their fence, we offer spear-top ornamental fencing. These fence posts are topped with a spade shape of metal. They offer some uniqueness and timelessness to an ornamental fence. However, these are sharp toppers and can scrape a wandering hand or paw. For those whose number one priority is security, spear-topped ornamental fencing is the way to go.

FAQs About Steel Fence Fence Maintenance

Does planting near an ornamental steel fence cause damage to it?

It’s not recommended to plant around the ornamental fence unless it is a climbing plant. However, with plants such as vines, you must keep them under control and remember to prune them. If left unattended, not only will they overrun your fence, they can trap moisture against the metal causing it to rust. Vines make it hard to reach the fence and repair the rusty spots, so preventative maintenance and strategies are necessary.

How to weatherproof an ornamental steel fence?

Ornamental steel fences are naturally weatherproof. If you are super worried about a heavy rainy season, you may look into applying a wax coating to help seal out the moisture, but this is usually not necessary since our materials are already galvanized and have a protective paint coating.

Does climbing an Ornamental Steel Fence fence damage it?

Yes. Climbing any fence will cause some damage to it. This may be internal structural damage, short-term damage, or extensive long-term damage. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the pressure off and simply let your fence do its job and stand tall alone.

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