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There are many people who try to install fences themselves. Oftentimes it can be a success, but for each success, there is also an attempt that ends in failure. Some fencing materials and types are easier to DIY install than others.

Chain link fences are not a recommended DIY fencing option. There is plenty of opportunities for injuries and specific structural components that need to be done This is why we recommend hiring a chain link fence installation contractor.

Why Choose Chain Link Fence For Installation?

There are a few great reasons to choose chain link fencing. Whether you are thinking about the installation process or the actual fence itself, when compared to other materials it is a great choice. Here are some of the big reasons our customers choose chain link fences for installation.


Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable materials in the fencing industry. It is easily mass-produced and thus it remains easy to fulfill the demand with the supply. Because chain link fencing is so affordable, many of our customers with larger projects prefer this option because it won’t jack up the pricing with more feet of fencing.

Low Maintenance

This is one of the most low-maintenance fencing materials you can find. During installation, there are no specific steps you need to take to preserve the material if it takes a few days.

After installation, chain link fencing simply stands on its own. There is no necessary regular washing or care. In some cases with older chain link fences can begin to unlink and cause wires to stick out, but these can easily be cut with some wire cutters. Chain link fences simply stand on their own for years and give you peace of mind without impeding your busy life.

Quick Installation Time

Chain link fencing is one of the quicker fencing materials available to install. The fencing itself is manufactured in rolls or panels meaning there is little assembly required by the installation contractor.

When the fencing comes in a roll it’s simply a matter of installing the fence posts, rolling out the fencing, and then finishing it off with the rails. When the fencing comes in panels it’s a very similar process. The contractor would need to install the fence posts and then hook up the panels which usually come with rails already attached.

All of this takes very little time compared to vinyl fencing or ornamental steel fencing which are more labor-intensive and have many smaller parts that need to be accounted for. The quick installation time of chain link fencing is one of its biggest draws for homeowners because the labor cost is lower than other types of fencing.

Benefits Of Installing A Chain Link Fence

The benefits that come with installing a chain link fence are numerous. From peace of mind knowing that the dogs and kids won’t suddenly escape the yard, to a protective measure against intruders or trespassers, a chain link fence knows how to do its job. There are plenty of other benefits of a chain link fence installation as well!


Chain link fences are one of the most well-known fences for security purposes. It is made from strong steel fencing that is not easy to penetrate without climbing. However, chain link fencing can also have barbed wire installed on top of it to prevent those who would try to climb them.


There is no visual privacy with a chain link fence, but many of our customers appreciate that they can still view the outside of their neighborhood. Especially for those with pets who like to engage in neighborhood watch, it’s nice to have a fence that allows them to do so without chasing every squirrel they see across the street.

The visibility of chain link fencing can provide so many benefits. You are able to see people approaching and not be surprised if someone is coming up to your house. It also enables your yard to get more sunlight during the day instead of being cast in shadow at a certain point because of your fence.


Most people think that installing a chain link fence means their house is going to look like a correctional facility. But this does not have to be the case! Chain link fencing comes in more varieties than people believe, such as different widths and styles of wire.

They can have gates within their fencing that lets you invite guests over but lock out the unwanted intruders. It is one of the most versatile and functional fencing materials in the industry.

Having A Professional Contractor Install A Chain Link Fence

Many people think that installing a chain link fence is easy and they can simply DIY the project and have it done in no time. But this is not the case. There are many reasons that we encourage you to have a professional contractor install your chain link fence rather than trying to do it yourself. In the end it will simply be a better and easier process than hassling with it yourself for days.

Choosing Northland Fence of Ramsey to Install Chain Link Fencing

We know that dealing with contractors is associated with negative previous experiences for many of our customers. Experience the Northland Fence Difference when you choose us to install your chain link fence. With 15+ years in the fencing industry, we know how to install a chain link fence and ensure our customers are happy.

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Save Time

A professional contractor knows the process of installing a fence like the back of their hand. They will save you so much time and get that fence up faster than doing it yourself. This will save you money on labor time and simply let you get back to your life without needing to continuously be in your yard setting up a fence. You have a life that you need to live, let us do the hard work for you.

Get it Done Right. The First Time.

DIY installation has so many pitfalls, and many people who choose to install fences themselves run into plenty of unexpected problems. The worst feeling in the world is when you run into these problems after you have finished setting up your fence.

Professional fence installation will get the job done right the first time and help your budget by not creating problems that weren’t there in the first place. Not to mention, contractors always make sure that you are satisfied and have the right products.

Peace of Mind

Fence installation is not an easy process, and it can be difficult to have the peace of mind that you did it right yourself. When fences are not installed correctly it can lead to security concerns that someone may be able to break through.

Hiring a chain link fence installation contractor is one of the best ways to ensure peace of mind that your fence was installed correctly and will last for years as protection. They do the job right and let you reap the benefits of a strong security and protection system.

FAQs About Chain Link Fence Installation

Does chain link fence offer any privacy?

No. Chain link fences unfortunately do not offer any visual privacy for your yard. They are built so that the metal rods interlink, but do not block out the prying eyes. There are holes between each linking point of the metal that others can look through no matter how high you build your fence.

What is the average lifespan of a chain link fence?

The average lifespan of a chain link fence is about 15 years. It is one of the shortest lifespans that a fencing material offers with wood being 15-20, vinyl being 20-30, 50+ for aluminum, and centuries for wrought iron.

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