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Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

There are so many reasons vinyl fencing is quickly rising as the top choice for fencing in residential areas. From requiring virtually no maintenance to being secure and non-toxic, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to fence in their yard.

We especially recommend vinyl fencing for families with kids or pets thanks to the non-toxicity and lack of chemicals in vinyl fencing. Plus, with a privacy fence, there is a lesser chance of injury for kids or pets that like to play with the fence.

If you are needing even more reasons why to choose vinyl fencing for your yard, read on to discover more benefits, the cost of installing a vinyl fence, the installation process, and the maintenance. If you have lingering questions, or concerns, or are ready to start the process of installing your dream fence, contact Northland Fence of Ramsey today!

Vinyl Fence Provides Security

Vinyl fencing is one of the most secure fence types available on the market. It is strong and sturdy, with a lifespan of over 30 years. One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fencing is that it can be built high and prevent anyone from getting in by jumping over.

This fence type is also great for internal security. Vinyl fencing is sturdy and non-toxic meaning kids and pets are free to approach it without fear of injury or knocking it down. It is a great choice for keeping them inside the yard and keeping intruders out.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Northland Fence of Ramsey exclusively offers our customers vinyl privacy fences. We believe this is the best fence type for almost any project, and it far outranks other vinyl fencing options.

Privacy fences not only give your physical protection but visual protection too. A vinyl privacy fence is made of solid slats that are put together to create a wall-like structure. This means there are no holes for any peeping eyes or any poking fingers.

A vinyl privacy fence is one of the highest forms of security you can have for your yard. It is essentially a more aesthetically pleasing wall for your yard. We find it to be the best fence type for our customers. It’s able to stand up to the Minnesota weather and let the kids play in the snow without necessary supervision.

The Cost of Installing A Vinyl Fence

The cost of installing a vinyl fence can be tricky to calculate. There are a few different factors that are all combined to create the total cost of installing a vinyl fence. Vinyl fence is the most expensive fence material that we offer our customers, but many of them say it was the best investment they could have made.

With minimal maintenance, repair, and replacement costs vinyl fencing becomes more cost-effective in the long run. Especially if you get it professionally and correctly installed, it will stand for years without any issues.

Material Cost

The most expensive part of installing a vinyl fence is the cost of the materials. Vinyl is a man-made plastic material that is not naturally found, making the price escalate. Additionally, vinyl has an immense number of benefits that help raise the price of the material like being weather resistant, eco-friendly, recyclable, and durable.

Also, especially with privacy vinyl fencing, there is simply more material necessary to construct the fence. The higher longer the fence, the more material needed and the higher the cost.

Installing a Vinyl Fence

The installation of a vinyl fence is relatively simple if you know what you are doing. Especially with privacy fences, the process is quick when professionals do the work for you. The fee for vinyl fence installations is oftentimes the lowest part of the overall cost of a vinyl fence.

Northland Fence of Ramsey Installations

When you hire Northland Fence of Ramsey to install your vinyl fence, you get an innovative installation that ensures a high-quality and up-to-standard fence. We never outsource our labor so all installers are in-house and trained by our fencing experts on the best practices of fence installation.

We keep up with the latest methods of vinyl fence installation and have the most innovative technology. Instead of the traditional cement fence post bases, we use a driven method. This method is proven to be more secure in the Minnesota climate where water and snow can freeze between the cracks and damage the cement.

With our driven-post technique, the fence posts are pushed deep into the ground and avoid the damage that the Minnesota climate can create. It is a cleaner installation method, gives superior strength to the posts, and has guaranteed prevention of post-heaving.

In addition, with all our installations we offer 10-year labor warranties. If you are ever unhappy with our work or find issues with the driven-post technique, all you need to do is contact us and we will come to fix it at no cost.

This is one of the main reasons we are consistently ranked as the best fencing company in Minnesota. We put customers first and treat them like family throughout the entire fence choice and installation process.

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Maintenance of a Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence requires virtually no maintenance. However, it is important to note that virtually no maintenance does not mean absolutely zero maintenance. We recommend that you do regular inspections of your vinyl fence, about once a year. This simply means walking around the perimeter of your fence and looking for any signs of damage.

A vinyl fence does not succumb to rust or environmental damage easily. But especially in Minnesota winters, it is important to brush off the heavy snow that can land on top of your fence. If not done so, the weight may impact the structure of your fence and cause long-term damage.

These maintenance routines are fairly minor compared to the requirements of other fence material options. They are great for homeowners or families who have busy schedules and don’t have hours of free time to devote to their fences. Plus, these maintenance routines are easy to do yourself and don’t require special tools or toxins to keep your fence standing tall for years.

FAQs About Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Why choose a professional installer for your fence?

We highly recommend you choose a professional installer for your vinyl fence installation rather than doing it yourself. With a professional fence installation contractor, you can be sure that the fence will be put up quickly and correctly without any costly mistakes. It saves you time and money in the long run

How do you choose the type of Vinyl fence?

To choose the type of vinyl fence that is best for you, simply weigh the pros and cons. Different types of vinyl fences will be more beneficial for different projects. At Northland Fence of Ramsey, we only offer our privacy vinyl fences to our customers but are sure that we can find the right fence type for you. If you have any questions or would like guidance on how to choose the type of fence that’s right for you, contact us today!

What are the key benefits of a Vinyl fence?

While vinyl fencing has plenty of benefits, the key benefits that help it stick out from the competition are being non-toxic, offering visual privacy, and not succumbing to environmental harms like weather, rust, or pests.

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