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Vinyl is a popular choice of fencing material for many reasons. However, it is one of the hardest types of fences to install, especially privacy vinyl fencing. Not only do you have to install the posts, but the slats in between them as well. And these are both done in separate installations.

It can be difficult to DIY a vinyl fence installation for this exact reason. It takes much longer than any other type of fence to install and is more of a hassle if you mess something up accidentally.

Why Choose A Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fence is a popular fencing choice for a few reasons. Despite it being one of the more expensive down payments for fencing, it is virtually low maintenance and once it’s up, lasts forever. With the addition of a vinyl privacy fence essentially forming a wall, protection and privacy are guaranteed to be up to your standards.

Visual Privacy

Vinyl privacy fencing offers the best visual privacy. The slats installed between the fence posts fit together perfectly so that no peeping eyes can get through the fence. This will give you peace of mind to be able to go about your business without looking over your shoulder for nosy neighbors.

The visual privacy a vinyl fence installation offers is also great for families and pets. Sometimes, especially with pets, people will come up to your fence and reach over to try and interact with the cute animals. With a vinyl privacy fence, they won’t be able to see the pet and won’t be tempted to interact. For reactive dogs, this is also great because they will not see outside your yard and try to go defend you from outside threats.

Quick Installation

Another reason homeowners choose a vinyl fence is because of the quick installation time. For professionals who know what they are doing, the average time for fence installation is 3 days. This is significantly shorter than wrought iron steel installation time.

With the quick installation, this project won’t interrupt your home life for weeks on end as it would should you try to DIY the installation. Instead, it will be quick and easy for professional contractors to get in, install the posts, and put in the slats. Afterward, you’ll return to life as before, but this time with a beautiful new protective fence.


Vinyl fences are eco-friendly and often recycled into new fences after being torn down. The amount of energy needed to create vinyl fencing is very little compared to other materials. Since vinyl fencing is recyclable, manufacturers don’t need to continually produce new materials because they can reuse old ones.

A vinyl fence has no chemicals within it and takes no chemicals to maintain it. So when you are done with your vinyl fence, you don’t need to worry about releasing toxins into the environment because there are none in the material. Plus, a vinyl fence lasts so long that you probably won’t have to worry about not using it anymore anyway!

Benefits Of Installing A Vinyl Fence

The benefits of installing a vinyl fence are numerous. It can increase your curb appeal and property value, it can give you enhanced protection, and it lasts so long it will be the last fence you need to purchase. With minimal maintenance required, vinyl fencing is capable of checking everything off your fencing wishlist after installation.

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

Vinyl fences are known as aesthetically pleasing to many when compared to other metal fences that may look more industrial. A clean vinyl fence means they can beef up the attraction on the outside of your home, and increase curb appeal.

For many properties, an increase in curb appeal can also mean a slight increase in property value. This can go a long way to having a higher return investment on this fencing project. Not only does this create a better environment on your property, but can very well help you sell your house if that ever comes to be an issue.

Enhanced Protection

Vinyl fences are some of the most protective fences on the market. Especially with a private vinyl fence, it becomes very difficult for intruders to enter your yard or stray animals to wander over.

The protection of a vinyl fence comes from its durability and almost impenetrable slat panels. Vinyl fences are very similar to walls in this sense but more aesthetically pleasing. When you install a vinyl privacy fence you won’t have to worry about kids or pets squeezing through the tight-fitting slats and escaping the yard.


After installation, vinyl fencing will last for years to come. The plastic material will not give way to the harsh Minnesota weather and climates whether it’s the freezing winters or hot summers. It is a durable material meaning that it will continue to stand despite the environment and wear of time.

Vinyl fencing is worth the slightly more expensive down payment because there are very few payments needed to maintain the fence afterward. This is the benefit of installing a vinyl fence. It is very likely going to be the last fence that you will ever need to purchase. You should invest in the installation of this amazing material for your present and future self.

Having A Professional Contractor Install A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is not the easiest type of material to install yourself. There are many moving parts and it can be a lengthy process if you don’t devote the right amount of time. Instead of doing it yourself and potentially doing it wrong, we recommend you hire a professional fence installation contractor to do the hard lifting for you.

You are already investing in a nice fence, go all the way and make sure it is put up correctly too. With a professional fence installation contractor, you can have the peace of mind that your fence was put up correctly and will do its job properly. Contractors do it right the first time and ensure you are protected for years to come.

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Northland Fence of Ramsey Vinyl Installation

Northland Fence of Ramsey has a specialization in vinyl fence installation. Not only do we install your fence, but we take you through the whole installation process from choosing the right vinyl fencing to signing off that you are happy with the final project. With our 10-year labor warranty, if you ever find something wrong with the work we did, we come out and fix it at no cost to you. We are the best fencing company in Minnesota and are ready to help install your dream fence!

FAQs About Vinyl Fence Installation Contractor

Do Vinyl Fences offer any privacy?

Vinyl privacy fences offer the most privacy compared to all the other fencing materials. Not only does a vinyl privacy fence have the height for physical protection, but it provides visual privacy as well. In between the posts are slats that are fitted together so that no peeking eyes will be able to see behind the fence and into your private residence.

What is the average lifespan of a Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fence lifespan is upwards of 30 years. Because it is a synthetic material that is industrially made, it does not succumb to the elements. This means it does not rust, wither, rot, or mold. Additionally, pests such as termites cannot eat through the material. While these benefits add to the down payment needed, they significantly reduce the later payments for repair and replacements.

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