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Chain link fencing is a great option for those looking for max security fencing without completely blocking out the neighborhood. There are so many reasons to choose a chain link fence for your fencing needs. And while some may think that there is only gray and boring chain link fencing, in reality, there are many styles and sizes of chain link fencing.

As a practical choice for fencing, chain link may not necessarily be the most aesthetic material, however, it is durable and secure. It is strong and stands for years without breaking or being torn down by harsh climates.

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What is a Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fencing is one of the oldest fencing materials still used today. Other terms that are commonly used to refer to chain link fencing are chain wire, wire mesh, or rhombic mesh fencing. The process of making chain link fences needs minimal material to still create a strong fence type.

The metal used within chain link fences is LLDPE-coated steel. The wires run vertically from the top rail to the bottom but are bent to create the zig-zag pattern that chain link fencing is known for. Each “zig” wire is linked to a “zag” wire to create the rhombus shape and enhance the stability and security of the chain link fence.

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Variations in Chain Link Fencing

The chain link fencing standard is the matte gray wires for protection. It is functional for security and protection purposes, but not necessarily the most aesthetically appealing. But, there are quite a few options for chain link fencing that are less popular but still great.


There aren’t too many options in terms of style variety for chain link fencing. Its name pretty much tells you the style that you are getting. However, in terms of style, there are very few options for customization.

The biggest aspect of customization that you can choose with chain link fencing is how big the rhombus shapes are. There is a standard size that Northland Fence offers, however, if this is something that is on your fencing wish list, simply contact us to discuss your various options.


Like most fences, the size of a chain link fence is really up to your imagination. For more security, we recommend investing in a higher chain link fence that is hard to climb or get through.

We specifically source 4’ and 5’ chain link fences. This height is ideal for keeping kids and pets protected in a designated area. It’s too tall for them to escape and doesn’t compromise the aesthetics of your home by being the only object to look at.

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Ideal Circumstances for Chain Link Fences

There are some circumstances and sites that lend themselves better to chain link fencing than other fencing options. The good news is that chain link fencing is very flexible and can honestly fit in almost any environment that you need it.

We can help answer any questions about if chain link fencing is the best fit for your yard, but for now, let’s talk about the greatest situations for chain link fences.

Industrial Sites

Chain link fences are commonly linked to industrial sites because of their great security and ability to be mass-produced easily. This means that for any large projects or areas that need to be fenced in, chain link fencing is the way to go.

Plus, chain link fencing is fairly cheap compared to the other fencing materials available. The mass production and bulk sale of chain link fencing mean it won’t damage the budget while remaining effective in keeping out trespassers from your industrial site.

And given the lack of a need for aesthetics with an industrial site, that makes chain link fencing all the more popular in these circumstances.

Pets and Kids

The other great circumstance that almost demands chain link fencing is to protect kids and pets from escaping the yard. Chain link fencing is hard to climb over and hard to squeeze through because of its mesh production.

Chain link fencing is the most practical option for fencing materials. This is why it can be so flexible and great for both residential and commercial needs. It does the job of security and protection effectively and without potential breaks in the barrier.

So chain link fencing is great for giving you peace of mind that the precious people and animals in your life can soak up the sun or build a snowman without fear of them running into the road. And with our option of black vinyl chain link fencing, it won’t hurt your home’s aesthetic either.

Northland Fence Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are for those looking for secure and practical fencing. Our chain link fencing is professional grade and guaranteed to last for years to come. Especially with our innovative installation process of driving the fence posts deep into the ground. This process gives your fence an aesthetic preferable to cementing.

We have both residential and commercial-grade chain link fencing available. Whether you are looking for gray matte wires or black vinyl, we are available to answer questions and discuss what we can do with the fencing to match your wish list.

Material Warranty

With our material warranty, we cover up to 15 years of the chain link fencing metal. If you are ever unhappy with the material or problems arise that contradict our material guarantee, we come to fix it at no cost to you.

If you think chain link fencing is the right option for your dream fencing needs, contact us today for a free quote! We are here and ready to help you create more protection and privacy for your home.

Need Chain Link Fencing Help?

We strive to find the best fence for your situation. Our team will be happy to guide you through any concerns or questions you may have about our chain link fence.

Our chain link fences will be the last ones you will ever need to purchase. With our customer satisfaction guarantee and 15-year material warranty, you are sure to be happy with the chain link fencing for years to come. And if you aren’t, we come to fix it at no cost to you!



How much does it cost to put in a chain link fence yourself?

This will vary depending on the size of your yard and the height of the fence you choose.

Is chain link the cheapest fence?

No, actually wood fencing is cheaper than chain link by a small margin. It is cheaper than ornamental steel and vinyl fencing though.

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