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Fences have many purposes, from decorative to functional. Everyone shops for a strong fence that will withstand time. At Northland Fence, we provide the strongest fence types for every need.

A strong, well-installed, and well-maintained fence may last 20 years or more. When shopping for fences there are variables to consider, such as the level of security and privacy you want and what aesthetic you are looking for. The variables do not stop there. Weather, pests, and other physical forces may ruin your fence prematurely, so choosing the proper type of fence according to your environment ensures the longevity of your fence. 

High winds may cause the fence to lean or bend. Or even worse, a windy day could make your fence tip over or break. In 2022, Minnesota had several days with damaging winds going over 50mph. The weight of snow accumulation can also damage fences and collapse them. 

Minnesotans endured over 89 inches of snow in the 2022-2023 winter season, and this was ranked as the third snowiest season. Snow also adds moisture. Minnesota's weather can be extreme, but there are great fences strong enough to withstand blizzards, tornados, storms, and high summer temperatures. 

Whether you are looking for a fence to give you privacy from neighbors and bystanders, have peace of mind by protecting your residence, or add value to your property, the experts at Northland Fences will guide you and offer the highest quality materials in the market that will last.

Are You Looking For Extra Security?

Installing a fence is already a break-in deterrent because, between a house with fences and one without, it’s more convenient to intrude on a fenceless residence. You may not be too worried about burglars but are looking for a fence that will protect children or pets from escaping the yard. Or keep wildlife out of your property. Or all of the above! We have excellent options for your security needs at Northland Fence. 

If you are worried about your safety when it comes to your fencing needs, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Height: the higher the fence, the more time and effort the burglar will take to climb your fence. That gives you and your neighbors more opportunity to see and intervene in the crime. In Minnesota, most cities and towns allow from six to eight feet in height for a backyard fence, while front yard fences may not be taller than four feet. Check out our city codes and regulations page for detailed information about your location. 
  • Material: Wrought iron and ornamental steel surpasses any other material regarding hardiness. Cutting through a metal fence requires power tools, and it won’t be a quiet venture for an intruder. Chain link fences are a great budget option, and ours are created  with reliable, lasting materials. 
  • Visibility: Fences with space between posts or made out of chain link create a direct sightline between your property and the street which exposes a trespasser. There is nowhere to hide. If someone manages to climb over a solid fence, they become invisible to anyone in the street.
  • Obstacles: Wrought iron and ornamental steel offer a spear top which creates another problem for intruders. 

Overall, when shopping for a strong fence that will give you peace of mind, ornamental steel will be your best bet. Chain link fences are also excellent and widely used for security purposes.

If you are mainly looking to secure kids and pets inside your property while keeping wildlife and other pests out, our vinyl fences are a terrific option. This type of fencing is made out of strong plastic that will stand the test of time. Plus, vinyl panels are solid and will also give you privacy.  

strongest vinyl fence type

What Are the Strongest Fences for Privacy?

The best way to ensure complete privacy for your property is to install solid fence panels. Not only will you be out of sight, but panels also offer noise reduction. You may find panels made out of vinyl, wood, and composite, to name a few. Although wood has been a popular choice for decades, the introduction of vinyl fencing upped the game and became one of the most popular options in the market. Vinyl fences last up to 5-10 years longer than wood.

Vinyl panels exceed all expectations with their strong material, low-maintenance requirements, and striking aesthetic appeal. Northland Fence has a variety of vinyl fences with different heights and colors. Vinyl fences and Minnesota weather are a great match.

That is not to say that ornamental steel or chain link fences cannot offer privacy. Along with planting bushes and trees, you can install aluminum or plastic slats and create more private areas in your yard.

Fences Strong Enough to Withstand High Winds

Our chain link and ornamental steel fences withstand windy conditions best. They do not create resistance as gaps allow the wind to pass through them. Solid fences, on the other hand, could break or entirely collapse with extreme wind events. 

If privacy is non-negotiable, your best bet is our vinyl fences because the material has enough give to bend when strong wind gusts hit, unlike wood. It’s common to see wooden fences damaged after a strong storm, especially older fences. 

Make It Last: Best Fence Options for Longevity

Wrought iron fences are the longest-lasting material with centuries of stability. In modern days, fences that look like wrought iron are fashioned from steel. At Northland Fence, we provide galvanized ornamental steel fences, which are powder-coated to prevent rusting and rot in extreme Minnesota weather. 

Vinyl fences are a great option as they don't rot or break down. They’re made from PVC plastic, which is a highly long-lasting material. It’s commonly called “infrastructure plastic.” It’s very low maintenance and an outstanding choice for most circumstances. If you live where the summers reach high temperatures, we don't recommend installing vinyl fencing near concrete or asphalt. The heat-conducting nature of such materials could succumb to melting.  Luckily, vinyl is an excellent match for the Minnesota weather. Those fences are a customer favorite at Northland Fence.

If you are looking for a budget option, chain link fences have lower costs and can last decades without breaking.

strongest chain-link fence type

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

If you want your fence to last, keeping up with the maintenance is necessary, and it’s important to repair any damage as soon as possible. Each fence we offer has a different type of upkeep: 

  • Ornamental Steel: It’s necessary to check your fence for signs of rust and repair it as soon as possible. Rust will eat through the metal, but the good news is that removing rust is not hard. Another significant step to ensure the longevity of your steel fence is to wax it and use water-resistant or rust-resistant paint. 
  • Vinyl: the plastic material requires very little upkeep. We recommend our customers clean their fences once a year and check for mildew. During heavy snow days, it's also a good idea to brush off any snow accumulation to avoid structural damage. 
  • Chain link: rust can also plague chain link fences, so watch for any signs. You may refinish it with a metallic anti-rust paint. We recommend customers clear any debris that accumulates with time.

Here at Northland Fence, we are obsessed with quality. We provide fences which are strong enough to endure most weather, pets, pests, or people. We offer ten years of installation labor warranty, fifteen years of material on ornamental steel and chain link, and a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl fences. Get your free quote online anytime or call us at  (763) 265-7180.

What is the strongest type of fence panel?

Vinyl is the strongest material for a fence panel for the Minnesota weather. It’s low maintenance and deters pests. 

What type of fence lasts the longest?

Wrought iron fences are the longest-lasting and will last for decades. As for privacy fences, vinyl will be the best option for longevity. 

What fencing is best for high winds?

Chain link and metal fences are a great option because the wind blows right through them. Vinyl fences also work well as the material has enough give to endure some bending and warping without damage.

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