Neighbor Friendly Fence

Neighbor Friendly Fence

You have seen the neighborhood before while driving around; a beautiful house with a white picket fence next to a not so eye-appealing yard with a makeshift – well – “barrier.” Maybe it is you who is looking to build a fence, but the neighbor is not the friendliest since you have to keep politely reminding them to mow their grass before it reaches 3 feet tall. Or perhaps you don’t have any issues with your neighbor at all and can work together to see if they would like to help you with your new fence. No matter the situation, there is proper etiquette to consider when deciding to put up a fence.

At Northland Fence of Ramsey, we provide quality fencing products with expert installation and guarantees. We are here to provide you with not only products but information as well. The term neighbor-friendly fence refers to a fence that is shared to divide your property and your neighbor’s. Today we will be discussing neighbor-friendly fence options that are best for all parties involved.

Vinyl Neighbor-Friendly Fence

Vinyl is one of the most common fencing materials besides wood. When choosing a privacy fence, vinyl not only withstands the elements but also offers complete privacy with different height options. Colors range from white, two-tone, and tan. While a more expensive option than wood, a vinyl fence requires less maintenance and is a strong choice for a privacy fence.

Here’s why it’s neighbor-friendly: Vinyl can provide a complete separation between you and your neighbors. If you don’t need privacy and just want a barrier, vinyl is available in picket designs so you can still see through the fence. No matter if you choose private or picket, vinyl is a strong material with curb appeal.

Steel Neighbor-Friendly Fence 

You may be thinking, steel? Do they mean wrought iron? In the past, yes, wrought iron was the go-to for a metal fence that was ornate and strong. The truth behind steel is that it’s actually more durable, lighter-weight, and more affordable than wrought iron. Galvanized steel can hold up to inclement weather and provide protection from unwanted outside guests.

Here’s why it’s neighbor-friendly: Steel fences are very decorative and can add property value to both homes and drive up curb appeal. Both parties will need to agree on the design and understand that this option will not be a privacy fence. There will be noticeable gaps in the fencing between each metal rod. Children and pets can’t fit through these gaps so this choice of fence is still a top option for yard protection.

Wooden Neighbor-Friendly Fence

Wood fencing is the cheapest fence to install on your property. However, a wood fence is not as durable as say a vinyl fence would be. Wood needs to be treated and stained every few years to keep it looking presentable and protect it from the harsh Minnesota weather. It can also warp over time and need certain panels completely replaced.

Here’s why it’s neighbor-friendly:  A wooden fence will provide privacy and security from your neighbors. There are options for picket-style fencing as well if you choose to see through the fence. Discuss with your neighbor about who is in charge of upkeep costs that arise with wood fencing so that you both are on the same page.

Is a Neighbor Required to Help With the Cost of the Fence

When deciding to put up a neighbor-friendly fence, both neighbors usually split the cost of the fence on the property line. This is not a requirement, but you may be compelled to do so. In Minnesota, if you decide to put up a fence, you have 30 days to provide written documentation of the installation you are planning. It is a legal requirement (and courteous) to talk to your neighbor first before installing the fence of your choice.

There are laws in Minnesota when it comes to putting up fencing that divides two properties. If you have any questions about the Minnesota Partition Fence Law, you can reach out to your local government office to get more information.

What Is Proper Fence Etiquette?

Some proper fence etiquette includes:

Upkeep – keep the fence clean and tidy the grass on the property line. If a repair is needed, take care of it in a timely manner.

The “good side” – if you are putting the fence up and your neighbor seems to question it, don’t hesitate to give them the “good side.” Fencing will have one side where the hardware and posts will be visible. If you are sharing a fence, make that side the side in your lawn.

Lawn Care – etiquette in general is to keep your yard clean. Regularly mow grass and have a presentable yard especially if you are sharing a picket fence.

Cleaning – keep the fence clean year-round. Anytime weather or animals have left the fence looking a little drab, grab the hose and keep it looking nice. Regular cleaning will help with durability.

Determine the Property Line

In most parts of Minnesota, it is required to install a fence 6 inches within the property line. A surveyor can determine where the property line is and how far in you will need to be. If you and your neighbor plan to share the fence, you can build directly on the property line with a written agreement between the two of you.

What Is the Best Fence to Install

The best fence to install is truly your preference. Consider weather, cost of upkeep, and overall purpose of the fence when choosing. However, the easiest fence to install on your own is wood. Make sure you and your neighbor are in agreement with the direction you choose.

Having Northland Install Your Fence Professionally

When it comes to installing fencing, going with a professional can save you money and ensure that your fence will withstand the tests of time. Northland Fence of Ramsey is Minnesota’s best-reviewed fencing company. Our team is here to turn your dream fence into reality at a price that fits your budget.

When you choose us to install your fence, we take care of everything. After you and your neighbor have agreed, we can get started with the installation of your fence. Our team is up to date on Minnesota law and codes and will take the guesswork out of putting up a fence. You can sit back after installation because when you choose Northland Fence, we are here for the long haul. Our labor warranties are always 10 years, but our material warranties range from 15 years to a lifetime guarantee.

If you are ready to take the next step on your dream fence, reach out to Northland Fence of Ramsey. We can split costs in order for you and your neighbor to see how much each will be contributing. Call us today at 763-316-4881 to plan your neighbor-friendly fence.


FAQs About Neighbor-Friendly Fences

How to know your property line starts and ends?

If you and your neighbor are unsure of where the property line starts or ends, contact a surveyor to be certain.

Should the neighbor be involved in selecting the type of fence?

Minnesota law states that the neighbor must be notified within 30 days prior to fence installation. It is a legal requirement to involve them in the selection process.

Who can help resolve a fence dispute?

Fence viewers are people who can enforce fencing laws. They can come to the property and resolve the fence dispute in ordinance with laws and codes. Once the fence viewer has made a decision, that is the final word.

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