How Deep Should A Fence Post Be

how deep should a fence post be

You own a house and have a family, whether that includes kids, pets, or maybe both. Either way, you’d like to have some security and privacy in your backyard. That means being able to trust the kids to play out there, letting your dog out with ease, or being able to relax by your pool without being as mindful of watching eyes.

There are many reasons why people like having fencing around their property. If you’ve been thinking about getting a fence for a while, maybe even installing one yourself, you might have some questions about it. That’s where Northland Fence comes in. As experts in the field with more than 15 years of experience, we don’t mind sharing our tips and tricks with you. Today we’re going to answer the question, “How deep should a fence post be?” and discuss other important questions revolving around post stability and depth.

How Does Fencing Height Impact How Deep a Fence Post Should Be Buried?

There are two primary ways that a fence can be secured into the ground. One is through using cement, and one is through driving fence posts deep into the ground. The heights with which you bury a fence post into the ground can vary depending on not only the ending height of your fence above the ground but also which method you choose to use to install your fence.

Choosing to install a fence using cement can reduce the depth you have to put a fence post into the ground. It also requires more work, however, and a bit more mess. You must dig out the hole for the post and leave it until the cement cures enough that you can tamper with it or cover it back up again.

Driven posts, on the other hand, require a bit less mess but usually go deeper into the ground. This is the preferred method at Northland Fence. Because of the depth, there’s much less chance of erosion impacting it, and it’s much sturdier against potential damage. When driving fence posts into the ground, you must have at least 50% of the height underground as well. For example, if you want your fence above ground to be 6 feet tall, your posts should be at least 3 feet into the ground minimum. 

Do You Have to Add Mixing to Keep a Fence Post Sturdy?

How sturdy are fence posts on their own? You want them to be able to withstand not only winds and snow plows but also not be easily swayed by a fallen tree branch. What’s the best way to achieve this?

Mixing is sometimes added with a fence post as a way to make it more “secure.” This is due to how little of the post is in the ground to act as its own security. When using driven posts, you don’t have to worry about adding anything additional to the structure, as the dirt surrounding it will hold it in place.

If you don’t wish to drive your posts as deep, things like cement are usually added for additional support. Because this leaves the post closer to the surface, the lack of post within the ground still makes it more susceptible to erosion or wind damage. Additional mixings, like cement, only offer so much additional support.

How Many Bags of Cement Are Required per Fence Post?

There are many variables that come into play when you decide to use concrete for your fencing support system. The post size and depth all impact how much concrete you need in order for it to maintain good integrity. These numbers can vary anywhere from 1 bag per post to 11 bags per post.

Many people often think that cement can make a fence installation cheaper, and while this can be true in some cases, if you want a fence that lasts not only will you need more cement, but it still might not stand the test of time.

Additionally, when deciding how to install a fence, it’s important to keep in mind the amount of time you’re willing to wait for it to be finished. Cement post installations require more waiting time, and take up more space as you have to clear out the hole in order to pour the cement in. Then, you have to wait for it to dry before you can fully clean up.

With driven posts, once it's in the ground, it’s totally secure. There’s no additional wait or messy dirt to worry about afterward. This is just one of the many reasons we at Northland Fence chose to drive our posts when installing your fence. 

The Pros and Cons of Cement Base Fence Posts versus Driven Fence Posts

Both cement base fence posts and driven fence posts have their own pros and cons. Let’s talk about some of them so you have a better idea of what your true options are.

Cement Base Fence Posts


  • More accessible for the average person
  • Using cement could help you save on fence post cost


  • Susceptible to erosion and strong winds
  • Requires wait time for the cement to cure
  • Messier installation process
  • Not always easy to gauge exactly how much cement you need
  • Not guaranteed to withstand frost heave

Driven Fence Posts


  • Less mess
  • Instantly ready to go
  • Can better withstand erosion and other concerns like weather
  • Incredibly resistant to frost heave


  • The equipment to drive a fence post isn’t as easily accessible
  • Could impact costs by needing longer fence posts

Professional Fencing Installation Options in Minnesota

While some people may opt for setting up a fence themselves, there are many benefits to hiring a professional that can outweigh some of the potential cost concerns that many think they’re saving by doing it themselves.

One of the biggest things overlooked by homeowners when wanting to install their own fence is the time that it will require combined with the tools they might not have access to. While this can vary depending on the type of fence you’re looking to install, if you haven’t installed a fence before you also run the risk of mistakes, which can add to the time you need to spend on it. This time could be spent relaxing, doing your favorite hobbies, or spending time with your family. Your time is valuable, and we know it. Hiring a professional ensures that it’s done right the first time, quickly and easily.

Our goal here at Northland Fence is to get you the fence of your dreams. As a family-owned business based right here in Minnesota, we know your concerns and work hard to meet them. We never hire out contractors and even offer work year-round, keeping our employees in-house and paid even during the downseason.

In addition, all of our fences come with two warranties: a labor warranty and a material warranty. Our labor warranty is 10 years long. We’re so confident in our quality and so dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction that we will come to fix any problems you may have for free in the first ten years. 

Whether you’re looking for vinyl fencing, ornamental steel, or even chain link, our team here at Northland is ready to help.

If you have any questions about fence installation or want to get started on your dream fencing, give us a call today at 763-325-8211 and we will be happy to help. 

How deep should an 8-foot fence post be in the ground?

If you’re using driven fence posts for an 8-foot fence, the posts should be at least 4 feet into the ground.

How deep should a 6ft fence post be?

A driven fence post should have at least 50% of the height of the fence into the ground. That means a 6-foot fence should have a post at least 3 feet into the ground.

How deep should a 9-foot fence post be in the ground?

If you’re using driven fence posts for a 9-foot fence, the posts should be at least 4 feet into the ground.

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