Fences on a Slope

Fences on a Slope

Having a fenced in yard can offer many benefits. It provides privacy and keeps the pets and children in the yard, all while protecting the yard from outside critters. But your property line is on a hill and rather sloped. Is it possible for you to put up a fence? Will one material work better than another?

At Northland Fence in Ramsey, we are experts in the world of fences. When it comes to building fences on a slope, our team knows what options are best and has the materials to execute the project. While building a fence on a slope does require a little more work, we guarantee you will be pleased with the results. Let’s take a look at what all goes into putting fences up on a slope.

Stair Step Fence Installation Method

Also known as a stepped fence, the stair step fence uses panels to align with the grade of the land and provides full coverage. If you are using pre assembled panels, stepped fencing is your only option. Vinyl is a good material to choose for this method as well. The process uses perpendicular rails and allows the panels to rise with the land up the slope. This method is the easiest to install but can look inconsistent as it will look like a staircase of fence panels. There will also be gaps at the bottom of the fence that small pets could possibly escape through.

Parallel Fence Installation Method

With a parallel fence, individual slats or pickets are used to follow the slope line exactly. The pickets will stay vertical while the railing follows the slope line parallel. This creates a smooth line of fencing that will have no gaps at the bottom ensuring all pets stay inside.

The downfall of parallel fencing is that it can take some time to plan. Cost can also increase as instead of buying whole panels, each individual picket must be purchased along with the rails and other supplies. Installing the fence yourself can take a lot of time and you will need to make sure everything is correct and reinforced. Hiring a professional for this method is highly recommended.

Raked Fence Installation Method

Raked fence, or racked, is known for its bold angles. The angles stay parallel to the ground so that the gap between the ground and the pickets is uniform around the whole length of the fence. This prevents gaps at the bottom so pets will stay within the fence. However, this method is not possible for all sloped properties. If the slope on your property is steep, a raked fence cannot accommodate the area. The limit is usually around a 12-inch slope across a 6-foot section of ground, so you’ll need to measure to see if this option is possible. For those looking at ornamental steel, this fence option can be good for you. Consulting with a professional can help you determine the slope angle and come up with the best solution for you.

Does It Cost More to Build a Fence on a Slope?

The short answer is yes, it will cost more to build a fence on a slope. More time and labor will be needed to ensure the fence is installed correctly and is properly reinforced to handle the strong Minnesota weather.

A stair step fence is a more cost-effective option as the fencing will be in panels instead of individual pickets. This is especially helpful if you plan to install the fence yourself. If installing a parallel fence yourself, material cost will be a little higher and the amount of time you will need to invest in the installation may not be worth it. Paying more for a professional will provide a properly installed fence with warranties that will save you money in the long run.

Options Available to Build on Your Sloped Property

When building on a sloped property, certain materials will work better than others. The type of installation method you use can determine which material will work better for your project.

Some of the easiest materials to work with on a slope are wood and vinyl. These are available by the panel or by the picket. Both are good options if you plan to do the installation yourself. Chain link is also a good option as it can be manipulated to fit the slope. Galvanized steel will work as well but can be more on the expensive side if you want pieces that match the slope completely.

Maintenance for a Sloped Fence

With a stepped fence, the most common practice is to fill the gaps at the bottom. This can help provide support for the fence as well as prevent stress on the ground. Some people fill in the gaps with dirt while others use flower boxes to provide a more landscaped look. Always inspect fence panels for damage and be on the lookout for erosion. A fence on a slope is already under more stress than flat ground, so inspection and repair are key to a long-lasting fence.

A parallel fence will need similar upkeep as erosion can cause the sightline to become unstable. Make sure proper water drainage is set up to keep standing water away from the fence line. Always inspect for damage or weak spots in the fence and get them repaired promptly. Keeping the grass trimmed around the fence will also help with longevity.

Having Northland Install Your Fence on a Sloped Yard

Having a sloped yard is not something that should stop you from putting up your dream fence. At Northland Fence in Ramsey, we can assess your property and work with you to come up with a plan that fits your land, your budget, and your goals. Our staff is fully trained in Minnesota law, and if a permit is required, we will obtain it for you.

When it comes to fence installation, you want someone that will be there to not only answer questions even after the project is complete, but also provide maintenance for if something goes wrong. That’s why at Northland, we provide warranties for both labor and materials. Our labor warranties are always 10 years, and our material warranties range from 15 years to a lifetime guarantee.

If you are ready to move forward on your fence project, give us a call. You can also visit our website and get a free quote. The professional team at Northland is ready to take your yard to the next level with high-quality materials and expert fence installation. We are very familiar with all terrain types, including sloped yards at all degrees. Call us today at 763-316-4881.

What type of fence is best for a sloped yard?

Any type of fence can be tailored for a sloped yard. For self-installation, wood or vinyl is suggested as it is easier to install. When using professional services, they can direct you in which material will work best for your sloped yard.

Can you build a horizontal fence on a slope?

Yes, it is possible to build a horizontal fence on a slope. It is recommended to use the stepped method for this type of fence.

Should a fence be level or follow the ground?

You can build on either. The method you choose to use will depend on personal preference and the slope of the land.

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