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Fence Lighting Ideas

fence lighting ideas

You just got a brand new fence this summer, but by winter in Minnesota, you feel something is missing when you look at it. As the sun sets, you realize your beautiful fence disappears into the darkness. You want to put lights in your yard, but you aren’t sure what lights would work for your fence. 

In the past 12 months, people in Minnesota searched for “fence lights” on Google between 31 and 100 times a week. At Northland Fence, we work even during the off-season and can suggest what lights work best with your specific fence type. Today, we will suggest some fence lighting ideas that would work great with our fences.

Why Front and Backyard Fence Lighting?

There are several reasons why someone might want to add lights to their fence. For example, it can add to your home’s overall value. If you want to sell your house, lights can make your home look more attractive, relaxing, and secure. All of those factors can lead to a higher sale price. But it also means you can still enjoy those benefits if you do not plan to sell your home. Lights in your backyard can allow you to continue to spend time outside when it gets dark earlier in Minnesota, making your backyard accessible at any time of the year, not just in the summer months. If you have dogs or children, having lights on your fence can keep them safe as it can illuminate boundaries, play areas, and pathways in the dark. Illuminated areas can prevent injuries, especially in the dark.

Pros and Cons of Backyard Fence Lighting

You might want to have lights in your backyard for several reasons. For one, they can add ambiance to your yard by providing a soft, warm light. If your fence is tall enough, adding string lights from fence posts to fence posts across the yard can provide overhead lighting. If you have color-changing LED lights, you can change how your lights look for a specific occasion or mood. Regarding security, lights keep you and your yard safer at night. Intruders, both human and animal, are less likely to target a house with lights.

However, there are some downsides when it comes to putting lights on your fence. One of those downsides is that, depending on the size of your fence, the added cost of buying the type of lights you want and the amount of lights you want can increase the overall pricing of your project. Also, non-LED lights can burn out faster and require you to buy replacement bulbs more frequently, resulting in more money you have to spend on your lights over time.

creative fence lighting solutions

Creative Backyard Fence Lighting Styles and Uses

One could use several creative styles of lights for their fence. You can use hanging lanterns for vinyl fences to illuminate your backyard. If you have a chain link fence, you can use fence post lamps on top of the fence posts. Fairy lights give your backyard a soft, gentle light that can be mounted to or strung on ornamental fences. Color-changing LED lights are great if you plan on having parties in your backyard and want to change how your lights look, and they still work for everyday enjoyment as well. Or you can keep Christmas up all year and hang Christmas lights on hooks on your fence. Artisan glass lights feature stained glass illuminated by the light within. These lights are great for decorating your backyard. 

If you want to take on a DIY project with your fence to add your personality to the lighting on your fence, there are some things you can try. One idea includes bottled solar lights. Buy some solar-powered string lights and put them in old bottles. You can leave them as is or decorate them and then mount them to your fence post. Or you could do the same thing with old tin cans you punched holes through and painted. Getting the family involved in a DIY light project can be a fun bonding experience. 

Types of Lights for Your Fence

Many lights require wires or timers. Electricity can be a significant factor in the lights you use for your fence. Getting electricity to your fence can mean calling an electrician to install wires. These wires can also remain visible, which could distract from the overall aesthetic of your backyard, or you may need to remember to turn the lights off every day, or else they will waste energy. However, some alternatives use less power and run on solar energy or motion detection. 

Solar Power Lights to Illuminate Your Fence

Solar power lights are great for saving money on your utility bill. While the saving is typically minimal in the short-term, the savings over the long-term. They are also generally easy to install because they don’t require electricity or wires. All you need to do is stake it into the ground or hang it on a fence post. The sun will charge the light in a few hours, and then you can enjoy your light. However, this brings us to a con. Since they need sunlight, they don’t work well in areas without sun exposure. Shadowed areas are not great places for solar power lights. Also, the sun is not out every day, especially in Minnesota. Some days are cloudy or rainy, so your lights won’t always be charged when you need them. To work correctly, they must also be clean of leaves, snow, and dirt. 

Motion Sensor Lights for Fence Illumination

Motion sensor lights are great for security because they turn on automatically when someone walks or drives by. Many people use them for security purposes because intruders are less likely to continue if they see a light come on as they approach. They are great for saving money on your electricity bill since they only turn on when someone or something goes by them. They also use less electricity because of this. However, they do come with some downsides. The triggering can occur from anything, such as wind or pets, which might not be something that you want. Also, since they only come on when someone or something goes past them, they might not be the best option for those who always want a light on. On the flip side, they might not turn off when you want them to. You might be trying to sleep, but the light comes on whenever someone walks by your house.

illuminate fence design inspirations

Pros and Cons of Uplighting vs. Downlighting

Uplighting are lights that are placed lower on your fence near the ground and have lights pointed upwards. They illuminate unique trees, architectural features, or gardens. They are great for illuminating something taller. It can also create enchanting shadows, add depth to your fences, and add extra safety light. They can also outline boundaries in your outdoor design. Aesthetically, uplighting provides more ambient lighting since it involves upward-pointing light. However, uplighting typically requires more energy and is more expensive. Uplighting can also be more challenging, especially if you plan to install it yourself.

Downlighting refers to lights placed higher on your fence or other structures in your yard. These lights point downwards. They are typically cheaper and more energy-efficient than uplighting. It is also typically easier to install when compared to uplighting. Downlighting is excellent at emphasizing certain textures and layers on your property while also improving the security of your yard by enhancing the pathways. Trees can have downlights installed to showcase your fence fully. However, downlighting typically creates little light, only illuminating the areas it is pointed toward, resulting in unflattering shadows. They can also involve a lot of wiring in comparison to uplighting.

Regarding the choices, it is ultimately up to you between going with uplighting versus down-lighting. When you imagine your dream lighting situation in your home, what elements are the most important to you? Do you want to highlight your beautiful fence, or do you want elements to hide in the shadows? 

Have Your Feince Install By Northland Fence

Northland Fence can install your dream fence if you don’t yet have a fence to display your lights. We are located in Ramsey, MN, providing high-quality fences and excellent customer service. We are the best-reviewed fencing company in Minneapolis and always have supplies in stock. For more information, call us at 763-316-4881.

What lights can I put on my fence?

There are several lights you can put on your fence. These include lanterns, fairy lights, uplights, and Christmas lights.

How do you light a fence?

Depending on the type of fence you have and the type of lights you want to use depends on how you light a fence. You can twist, place, string, or mount lights onto a fence. 

How do you pin lights to a fence?

You can pin lights to a fence using a drill and screws or a hammer and nails. Command strips also work well for fences that are harder to make holes into, like ornamental fences. 

How do you attach string lights to a vinyl fence?

To attach string lights to a vinyl fence, you can use suction cups, clips, or vinyl fence hooks.

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