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    Context is key when it comes to choosing fencing for any yard, but especially when it comes to finding the best fence for oddly shaped yards. More than just choosing the right fence material for your location and home’s aesthetic, you need to consider all of that in addition to what will work best logistically for any curves and slopes on your property. Learn more

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    Vinyl fencing is one of three fence-style options we offer here at Northland Fence. We believe in offering the best quality and longest-lasting options for our customers to ensure they have a beautiful fence guarding their yard for years to come. Our vinyl fencing option is our only fence material that we promise a lifetime material warranty on. We have such faith in the quality and longevity of our fencing that if anything happens to the material during its lifetime, we won’t charge you the cost of materials to fix it. Vinyl fencing is able to withstand the harsh climate of Minnesota. While things such as debris or other man-made accidents can still damage the fence, with vinyl you never have to worry about rot or water damaging your fence over time. Learn more about our vinyl fence installation on our website. Learn more

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Northland Fence of Ramsey

6390 McKinley St NW, Suite 150
Ramsey, MN 55303

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