Best Time To Install A Fence

best time to install a fence

You have been thinking about (and saving for) your dream fence. You know what type of fence you want, and you dream of sitting in your backyard in the Minnesota summer, staring at your fence. You have dreams of lining the perfect fence with beautiful plants and flowers. But you wonder when you should install it. You don’t want to wait until summer, but is it even possible to get it done sooner?

At Northland Fence, we work even during the off-season, allowing us to install your fence in the season that you want it built in. When it comes down to it, the season you install your fence is a personal preference. Each season can come with pros and cons. Today, we will discuss the benefits and cons of installing a fence each season.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Fences on Difference Seasons

There are several reasons that someone might want to install their fence in one season versus another. While the summer season is the most popular, there are better seasons than this one. The summer season can be busy for fencing contractors, making the other seasons more timely.

Installing a Fence in the Spring

The mild spring weather makes it a great time to install a fence. The weather is comfortable and ideal for working outside for long periods. The increasing daylight hours allow fence installers to work in daylight compared to seasons such as fall and winter when the days are shorter. Also, most people tend to want their fence installed in the summer. When you have your fence installed in the spring, you beat the crowd and get to enjoy your fence during the summer and focus your attention on landscaping instead of your fence. In Ramsey, Minnesota, the last frost date is around May 10th. May 10th means that when you install your fence in the spring, you can plant plants by your fence and enjoy them all summer.

The biggest con of installing your fence in the spring is the weather. Minnesota can have snowstorms and increasing rain throughout spring. While the temperature rises, these snow and rain days can leave the ground wet and soft. The mud can make it challenging to install fence posts into the ground. The muddy ground might shift the posts, so your installation can experience postponement if the conditions of your ground are poor due to the weather. 

Installing a Fence in the Summer

Summer is the most common time when people decide to have their fences installed because the days are warmer and longer. However, this means that fence contractors are the most busy during this time of the year. This full schedule experienced by contractors means that your fence might become delayed. Also, construction during the summer means you won’t be able to enjoy your yard during the warm summer months.

Installing a Fence in the Fall

When you install your fence in the fall, you will likely not have to deal with the crowd. Most people want their fence built in the spring and summer, so by deciding to build your fence in the fall, you won’t have to deal with scheduling conflicts or delays. It will also be a great way to save time for you when spring and summer come. While other people are getting their fences built, you will already be able to enjoy your new fence. The weather is also typically mild in comparison to winter and summer, and it doesn’t rain as much as it does in the spring. Thus, it provides ideal conditions for installing a fence. Plants become dormant in the fall, which means there won’t be as much landscape damage as if you were to install a fence in the spring and summer when plants are blooming. The biggest downside is that the days are getting shorter, possibly leading to longer project timelines.

Installing a Fence in the Winter

Many people don’t install their new fence in the winter. However, it can often be the cheaper option for people because nobody installs their fence in winter. Winter is often the slowest month for fencing contractors because of this. It might also save you time because fencing contractors can provide larger crews for your project. Plants during this time will also have gone dormant, which makes it an ideal time to install because you will have time to get new plants in the ground when spring occurs. Like fall, it also allows you to enjoy your fence as the weather begins to warm up in the spring before anyone else. The downside is that in Minnesota, the ground freezes during the winter. Also, snowstorms can create delays in the installation process. 

Does the Fence Material Matter When Installing a Fence in Difference Seasons

Different types of fencing can affect when you should install your fence. Wood fence installation could be better in the summer or winter because extreme temperatures can damage the fencing materials. Vinyl fence installation generally is best installed during the fall or spring. However, it is not impacted by the winter season if you install it during the winter. Because vinyl is not as easily affected by the winter season, vinyl fence maintenance is easy once installed. Early spring is the best time for chain link installation and ornamental steel fence installation because it makes it easier to install. Ornamental steel fences are the easiest fences to install yourself because you hammer them into the soft spring ground.

Planning for Fence Installation - Weather Impact

Different weather can impact your fence installation timeline. The various weather we encounter in Minnesota is why it is essential to plan your expectations of when you will have your dream fence. Weather like snowstorms and heavy rains can delay your project and projects before yours in your contractor’s schedule. 

Northland Fence Is Available All 4 Seasons to Install Your Fence

The most popular time for fence installation is the late spring and summer months when people consider getting their fences. However, getting your fence in the off-season can get you ahead of the game. At Northland Fence in Ramsey, MN, all of our employees are in-house and paid year-round, so you can get your fence installed in the fall or winter. For more information, call us today at 763-316-4881.

What time of year is cheapest to install a fence?

Winter is typically the cheapest time to install a fence.

Is it cheaper to install a fence in the winter?

Yes. It is typically cheaper to install a fence in the winter. 

What is the best time of year to install a wood fence?

The best time of year to install a wood fence is spring and fall. 

How cold is too cold to install a fence?

Typically, 25 degrees or lower can result in postponing a fence installation. 

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