Best Metal Fence Materials

best metal fence materials

Let’s say you are looking to secure your pets inside your yard or keep out pests like that unafraid skunk that time and time again you’ve smelled before you even opened your door. A metal fence can be the solution to your problems.

The first metal used for fences was wrought iron, and it was the preferred choice for centuries. Wrought iron takes extensive time to fashion and the skills of a blacksmith. It just can’t be mass-produced, bringing the cost considerably higher. The industrial revolution created a more efficient, faster, and cheaper way to produce fences. As a result, mental fences became more affordable. 

Metals such as steel and aluminum became a more popular choice. They share properties, such as their low level of maintenance, but differ in others, such as the price and strength. Aluminum is cheaper because steel has a resilient welded construction, which raises the price. In the long run, however, the money spent fixing an aluminum fence will equalize the price difference.

Steel is stronger than aluminum and lighter than wrought iron, making it our preferred fencing metal. Two popular types of steel fences are ornamental steel and chain link. At Northland Fence, we believe both are the best metal materials and great options for most residential needs.

Why We Recommend Metal

Metal fences are sturdy and durable and give a security boost to your property. They are tough and weather resistant. That is especially true in Minnesota, where the weather can be extreme. It will take a lot more to damage a metal fence than any wooden fence. Metal fences are very versatile as far as installation goes. It’s harder to install, but it can be installed nearly anywhere. To top it off, the maintenance is low-key.

It’s a great barrier between pets/kids and the outside world – without losing the view. It creates a more open sense in your yard. You can rest assured that intruders will have difficulty getting through one of our ornamental steel fences.

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How We Rate Them

We understand that each client has unique needs when it comes to fences. There are variables to consider to find the perfect fence for your property. We rate fences by longevity, strength, level of maintenance, versatility, and cost. Northland Fence prides itself in carrying only high-quality fences, so you can be sure that the fence you choose will be great. We tick as many boxes as possible to provide you with your dream fence. 

  • Longevity:  Not all metal fences are built the same. Different metals have different levels of durability. The weather conditions and topography play a role in the life of a fence. 
  • Strength: The hardiness of the metal and the kind of installation dictate the level of security the fence will provide you. 
  • Maintenance: Regardless of the type of fence you choose, some maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of your fence. Depending on the weather and vegetation around you may have to spend more or less time cleaning and checking your fence for damage. If you have a lot of falling leaves, it's essential to remove any debris accumulation. 
  • Versatility: Everyone has their aesthetic preferences, and some fences can be more customized than others. For example, ornamental steel fences can have a flat or spear top, while chain link fences come only one way. A wrought iron fence only comes in black, whereas others can be treated with various colors. 
  • Cost : Metal fences generally run from $12 to $80 per linear foot. The cost doesn't include just the material but the installation. Some fences are easier to install than others. The price does not always dictate the quality of the fence. Although a chain link fence is more affordable, this type of fence is high-quality. On average, ornamental steel fences cost between $1,200 and $8,000, depending on the level of customization. We offer financing and a convenient online payment option. 

Common Metal Materials

Metal costs fall under a large umbrella. Take a look at some of these common metal fences:

Wrought Iron

The first metal fences were fashioned out of wrought iron, and by the 1800s, they  spread worldwide. There are countless historical wrought iron fences still standing and serving their purpose. Wrought iron fences are durable and secure, and they have a variety of designs to match your preferred aesthetic. Corrosion and rust, however, can plague iron fences, so keeping a close eye and performing maintenance is vital.


Often, when people say wrought iron fence, they mean steel. Steel fences have replaced wrought iron in the market nowadays. The White House replaced its iron-wrought gates with steel gates to reinforce security. Our ornamental steel fences are sturdy without losing elegance. We use the best quality materials. We use powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and rot. We recommend washing your fence with soap and water or pressure wash. In addition, a maintenance check should be done once a year by walking the extent of your fence and checking for any damage or rust. If you do find rust in your fence, it’s not hard to repair it.

Chain Link

The chain link is practical and easy to install. It's made out of LLDPE-coated steel, a durable fence because it is galvanized and has a vinyl coat to protect the metal. It's a great budget-friendly choice too. Although it lacks privacy, it provides security for pets and kids that may be escape artists. If you are particularly afraid of intruders, there could be drawbacks as it is relatively easy to cut through with standard hand tools.


The standard aluminum fences have bigger gaps than ornamental steel, so if you want privacy, you’ll be happier with a steel fence. Aluminum is more affordable than other metal fences. but it’s a lightweight material. A large animal or fallen tree branch could severely damage the fence. In addition, aluminum fences are not considered safety fences since the material is easy to cut through, and the installation is done with standard screws. Potential intruders can be easily disassembled or cut a section of the fence. Ultimately, it’s worth spending a little more and going with a superior fence material such as steel, which will last longer and give you fewer headaches.

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At Northland Fence, we offer ornamental, wrought iron, and chain link fences with various customization options to fit your needs. We install 4-6 feet below the surface for both types. Our chain link fence comes in black galvanized material, and you may choose the size of the rhombus shapes.We also offer flat or spear tops in our ornamental steel fences, and three different types of panels to choose from. 

At Northland Fence, we treat every client like family. We are a client-focused company, and it’s our mission to help you find your dream fence. Call us today at (763) 265-7180 or fill out an online form and we will get back to you!


What type of metal fence is best?

Steel stands out because of its durability and strength.

What are the strongest metal fences?

The classic wrought iron and steel fences are more robust than other metal fences.

Is aluminum or steel better for a fence?

Steel fencing surpasses aluminum's durability and strength, making steel a better fencing material. 

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