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Best Fences for Ponds

Fences for ponds

This winter, you stare at the pond in your backyard. You’ve been worried about your children and pets getting too close to the pond, restricting them from going near it. You have gone out of your way to ensure they stay closer to the house, but watching them that closely has been tiring. You want them to have access to the backyard without worrying that they will get into the pond when you turn your back to them. Getting a fence that will surround the pond has crossed your mind, but you think the fence will take away the beauty of your pond. 

Your dream pond fence shouldn’t force you to sacrifice either beauty or safety. It is possible to have both. Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes but has 6,564 other natural water sources. This number includes ponds, so keeping your children safe when it comes to the ponds around you is even more critical.

Northland Fence is a local family-owned and operated business that will work during the off-season to provide you and your family with a fence that compliments your pond and provides safety to your family members. Today, we are going to discuss what the best fences for ponds are. 

Best fences for ponds

Your Dream Pond Fence: The Planning

You've had this pond in your backyard that you have meant to do something with for years. It's a beautiful addition to your property, but it needs more. You want something that keeps the kids out but adds to the pond. The perfectly designed fence can give you precisely what you want for your yard and pond. Your dream pond fence should be safe and capture your pond's beauty and sparkle. 

When people put a fence around their pond, it is often for safety reasons. These safety reasons include keeping a dog away from fish in your pond or keeping children from falling in. No matter how shallow the water is, small children can still drown. The risk of drowning makes safety the priority in designing your fence. For example, your fence’s posts should not be too far apart that an animal or child can slip through. You also want the fence to be stable. A determined young child or dog might be able to push down an unstable fence. Fences made of steel or vinyl are strong enough to withstand an eager explorer. 

While you want to keep those around you safe, you shouldn't have to sacrifice enjoying your pond. You don't want a fence that blocks your view of your pond. Viewing your pond can also give you another level of safety since you can see if anything or anyone has managed to get to the other side of your fence. You can design a fence that keeps those around you safe but doesn’t subtract from the beauty of your pond. You may also want to leave room for plants and decor. Having extra space between your fence and your pond will also allow you to gain access to the pond for maintenance purposes. 

You also want to choose a fence that includes a gate with a lock. Ponds often require the water to be tested, cleaned, or fish fed, amongst other responsibilities of caring for a pond. So, while you want to keep others out for safety reasons, you still wish to access your pond.  

What Material Should Your Pond Fence Be

Ultimately, your fence should still look in a way that will match the rest of your yard. You will have to look at your fence when you enjoy your pond, so it should be something you are willing to look at. Safety, accessibility, and durability are the most critical factors for a fence for your pond. Post-driven posts are great for ponds because the clay soil around them can make digging posts for cement difficult. The moving soil makes it easy for the holes to cave in before you can place the posts. Post-driven posts will make your fence more secure. They also mean there will be less of a mess. 

Choosing the perfect design for your fence may feel limited, but plenty of materials and designs can offer these factors while giving you the desired look. Below are the three best options for your dream pond fence.

Chain Link Fences

A chain link fence is excellent for detention, retention, and stormwater ponds. They are great for these types of ponds because they last in adverse weather and can withstand being close to bodies of water. The galvanized steel for chain link fences helps them prevent rust. Due to this galvanized steel, a chain link fence will withstand Minnesota’s harsh winters and water from your pond. The strength of the steel of chain link fences to withstand the weather and water will also allow it to keep animals and children out. The chain link will also prevent children and animals from being able to slip through, even if they are persistent. The chain link fence will also allow you to see the other side of your fence. You can keep an eye on both the beauty of your pond and what is happening there. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are great if you want the look and appeal of a wooden fence. Vinyl is more substantial than wood and can hold up in Minnesota winter. Unlike wood, vinyl will not rot, chip, crack, fade, or peel. Their resistance to damage makes it great to put near areas of water and other elements. It also means you will have little maintenance on your vinyl fence. The ability to withstand the elements makes it strong enough to protect animals and children from the water. Since they come in various colors and styles, vinyl fences are versatile for any idea you have. You can design your dream look without worrying about the upkeep associated with that look. 

Ornamental Steel Fences

Ornamental fences are known for adding beauty to their environment. An ornamental fence might be your best bet if you want a fence that adds elegance to your pond.  This steel fence can withstand Minnesota winters more than other metals, such as iron. They can also provide safety features such as keeping children and animals away, but they can keep people from going over them with spear tops. These features allow extra protection of your pond and any fish you might have in your pond. It is also sturdier than other materials, preventing a determined child from trying to knock it down.

Pond fences

What You Need To Do To Build A Fence For Your Pond

In Minnesota, you do not need a permit to build a fence around your pond if it is under 7 feet tall. It is also essential to check with your neighbors' or homeowners' associations before installing a fence for your pond, especially if the pond is shared. Some neighborhoods have restrictions on fence height around a pond. You also want to call your utility company to find out where the power and gas lines are near where you wish to build a pond. 

Trust Northland Fence With Your Pond Fence In Minnesota

When it comes to your fence, it ultimately comes down to what you want. You will be looking at the fence and your pond, so you want one you can enjoy with your pond. Having a fence around your pond gives you control over who can enter the area with the pond and who can’t. Your pond should look how you want it to look, and adding a fence that compliments its beauty can keep it safe.

In Ramsey, MN, Northland Fence provides high-quality American-made fences with the best in class customer service. Our supplies are always in stock, and we never have hidden fees. For more information or to get started on your dream fence for your pond, call us today at 763-316-4881.


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