Best Fence for Acreage

top fencing options for large acreage

You inherited several acres of land from your grandfather after his death and now wonder what to do with it. You know you want to replace the old wooden fence in disrepair, barely marking off the land now declared yours. However, you aren’t sure what type of fence would work best. You think about calling a fencing company but worry they won’t have the supplies to start a project as big as this one. 

Minnesota has 51 million acres of land, with 70% of this land privately owned. Many people want to fence off their property to ensure their claim on that land. However, one of the biggest concerns regarding fencing for acreage is whether the company you choose to use will have supplies in stock for your project, especially if it is extensive. At Northland Fence, we always have supplies in stock and never have hidden fees. So, what is the best fence for acreage?

What Type of Fence Works Best for Large Areas?

After acquiring many acres of land, you decide to fence the area. However, someone might want to fence in that land for several reasons, which can determine what type of fence is best for their acres. For example, a fence that controls livestock might be better suited if you have cows. However, there might be better options to keep people off your property during hunting season. Some standard fence types used for larger properties include:

  • Vinyl
  • Chain link
  • Wrought iron
  • Barbed wire
  • Electric
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone 

Questions to Ask Before You Install a Fence

When deciding what fence is best for you and your acreage, it is essential to ask yourself the following 4 questions.

What is the purpose of your fence? Are you trying to indicate where your property is, or are you trying to keep animals inside your property? You may be concerned that hunters might try to enter your property or wildlife may try to destroy your garden. Some people will even put a fence up to surround a pool or body of water to ensure safety on your property. Whatever you answer to these questions determines what type of fence you need.

How much maintenance do you want to perform on your fence yearly? For example, are you willing to do much maintenance and spend more money and time on your fence yearly, or would you want it to sit there and perform maintenance only for significant concerns? Different materials require different levels of maintenance. For example, a vinyl fence will hold up longer and require very little maintenance in Minnesota than a wood fence will. 

Does the cost of the fence installation fit within your budget? Fencing a large property requires a lot of materials and labor, which costs money. For the area you wish to install a fence, does it fit within what you are willing to pay for it? 

Will you need gates throughout the entryways around your property? You will also need to factor in what gates you need. Are you going to need a gate to your driveway? What about one to the pasture or the neighbors? If your fence surrounds a pool or water feature, do you need a gate to enter that area? With a large area fenced off, you will most likely need multiple gates; knowing where those gates will be is essential to the overall design of your fence.

top fencing options for large acreage

Understand Your Fencing Options in Minnesota

You can use several options for fencing material to fence your large property. When it comes down to it, it becomes what will work best for your needs and desires. However, the specific look you want can also play a role. Here are a few of the most common fencing options someone might use for their acreage.

Wooden Fencing

When it comes to the long-term capabilities of your fencing your large property, wood fences are not the best option. They are susceptible to damage from rain and excess moisture. This damage means you will need to replace the fence more often. While this type of fence is more appealing to large properties because it is often cheaper, maintaining and repairing it can often cost more than you initially planned. 

Barbed Wire and Electric Fencing

When it comes to barbed wire and electric fences, in Minnesota, you can only install them where there is livestock or in industrial districts. In industrial districts, you can use barbed wire for security purposes. If you have cattle, sheep, or other livestock, a barbed wire or electric fence can ensure they stay in the areas of your property you want them to stay in. Since they are often larger animals, a determined animal may find a way through a different fence material. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are most commonly used in residential areas but can also be an excellent option for rural properties. Vinyl is durable and can withstand Minnesota weather conditions. Choosing vinyl allows you not to worry that the fence is in disrepair. It is also perfect for creating a barrier between you and your neighbors or keeping hunters off your property. If you want to create a front yard with your fence, a vinyl fence is excellent at creating the image of a front yard amongst your large property. However, it is essential to note that in Minnesota, fences can be at most 3 feet tall in the front yard, and with a permit, fences can be over 7 feet. 

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are often sturdier, which allows them to resist Minnesota weather. Their sturdy nature also ensures hunters will know where your property line is, preventing them from accidentally ending up on your property. Wrought iron fences are safer than wire fences because they won’t cut any humans or animals that might accidentally bump into them. While this fence can come in various styles and designs, most commonly, the panels are further apart, allowing you to see beyond your fence line. The ability to see beyond your fence makes it ideal if you want to enjoy the nature or wooded area outside your property line, or if you are enclosing a pool or water feature, you can enjoy the view and maintain its safety without being on the other side of the fence. In addition, their style can add sophistication to your property that was once only available to higher-ups in society.  

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are great if you are trying to keep small animals contained in your yard. The chains are close enough together that they can prevent a dog or small animal from escaping from your property. Chain link fences can withstand Minnesota weather better than wood fences, so they can last longer and require less maintenance and repair. A chain link fence can provide extra protection for pool or water features.  

Other Fences

Other fencing styles for large acreage include stone and brick fences. Fences in this style are often beautiful and long-lasting once completed but often take longer to install. Choosing a different type of fence can result in quicker completion times. However, they can have a timeless look that blends in with the surrounding landscape and is challenging to climb over if you want the security benefits. 

ideal acreage fence designs

Find the Perfect Fencing Solution for Large Acreage in Ramsey, MN

Fencing a large property can be overwhelming, especially when considering your options. Trying to do it by yourself can be impossible. However, turning to a fencing company to help with your fence installation can make the process easier. They can lead you toward the best fence type for your specific fencing needs and desires.

In Ramsey, MN, Northland Fence provides high-quality American-made fences with best-in-class customer service. We offer a lifetime warranty on vinyl and 15 years for all other materials. For more information or to start your fence installation process, call us at 763-316-4881 today.

What is the best fencing for rural property?

The best fencing for a rural property depends on your specific needs. If you are using the property for livestock, you can use barbed wire or electric fencing. However, vinyl fencing can be the best if you use the property for crops or gardening. 

What is the least expensive fencing for acreage?

The least expensive fencing for acreage is wooden. However, wood fences are not durable and may need replacing more often than a more expensive type. 

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